Expoco Events is a small team of talented commercial events development specialists, with a diverse range of backgrounds including hospitality management, creative and graphic arts, economics and commercial consulting.

From conception in millennium Sydney the team, originally known as Quorum United, have developed and operated dozens of National Conferences, Training Seminars and Trade Exhibitions.

Research and planning for these events is led by the Expoco team, drawing on the creative knowledge and input of subject matter experts in each of the fields we cover. Events are developed in a timely fashion to meet the needs of Australian industry in preparing for and managing emergent areas of corporate risk and the strategic challenges and opportunities these present. Training seminars are also tailored to the development challenges of specialist commercial staff.

Recent areas of focus include:

  • Industry Reform:

– eg Energy, Gas, Urban Water, Australian Film

  • Professional Development:

– eg Human Resources, Executive PAs

  • Strategic Training:

eg Currency Hedging, Mergers & Acquisitions, Total Corporate Security

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Corporate Partners

We extend our gratitude to the following organisations who have been involved in sponsoring and mentoring our recent events:


In conjunction with some of the nation’s leading service providers, our team will throughout 2011 be offering a range of new services – innovative Corporate Entertainment, Team Building Exercises, Exhibitions and Convention Management services. Our particular focus will be on the development of unique Trade Expositions designed to optimise contact between service suppliers and industry delegates while minimising the cost to all parties in furthering these opportunities.

Details will be posted to this site as they develop, or please
contact us to be added to our mailing list for periodic newsletter updates.

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